Our town, our team, our hospital.

The real story behind the Day Kimball Healthcare and Covenant Health partnership.

We are excited over our proposed affiliation with Covenant Health. It will positively benefit the residents of Northeast Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts and Western Rhode Island by providing us with the resources we need to preserve and enhance services, protect jobs and invest in new technology.

We have heard rumors that Day Kimball will cease to treat and care for patients whose beliefs may differ from those of the Catholic church. This is factually inaccurate and patently false. Day Kimball will continue to provide care to all members of our community – regardless of age, gender, religious or sexual preference, or economic status. Just as we have always done, only better with more resources.

We made a commitment 128 years ago – a covenant, in fact. That covenant remains in place today, and we are working tirelessly to see that it is honored for the next 128 years and beyond.

Let’s focus on truth to move our full-service community hospital forward…together.

Fact vs. Fiction

Day Kimball will stop doing abortions. Fiction.

Day Kimball Healthcare has never performed a voluntary interruption of pregnancy in its 128 years of operation.

Day Kimball will no longer assist with the gender transition process for patients who identify as transgender. Fiction.

Day Kimball is a community hospital, and community hospitals are not equipped to provide the multi-faceted care to patients who are in the process of gender transition. Learn More

People are saying Day Kimball will no longer have local representation. Fiction.
Day Kimball Healthcare will continue to operate as a not-for-profit healthcare system with local representation on the Board of Directors and input on local issues. Learn More
I heard that Day Kimball is going to only care for Catholics. Fiction.

Day Kimball Healthcare will continue to provide compassionate, high-quality care to patients and residents of all faith backgrounds and beliefs, including patients and residents who do not identify with any religion. Learn More

Catholic health care takes a “whole person” approach to care for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of patients. Fact.

Catholic health care providers have a long history of caring for those who are poor, marginalized and vulnerable—and that tradition continues today. Learn More

Day Kimball will remain the same, only better. Fact.

Community Benefits

  • Unlike other potential partnerships that DKH explored, Covenant Health understands community-based healthcare. Its hospitals and the services they provide are very much like Day Kimball.
  • As a financially stable health system, Covenant Health is committed to helping smaller, independent healthcare organizations survive and thrive at a time when many small hospitals are closing their doors due to dramatically increasing costs, regulatory pressures and declining revenue.
  • Day Kimball will remain a full-service healthcare system. We will not scale back care or become a shell of a facility with no emergency department or inpatient services as has happened when other systems have acquired smaller community hospitals.
  • As the largest employer in the county, this partnership will help us retain jobs and community spending that are crucial to the economic well-being of Putnam and beyond.
  • DKH will have so many more resources available through Covenant Health, including access to capital that can be invested in campus improvements, expanding services and new patient care technology that will improve our ability to provide leading-edge healthcare.
  • Our affiliation will offer our clinical staff opportunities to share their expertise and clinical best practices with Covenant Health’s other hospitals and facilities, and vice versa.